EASTSIDE has the facilities, skills, and specialized equipment to accomplish challenging, high precision repairs with unsurpassed quality.

Electric Motor Repair Services

  • UL Hazardous Location Recertification

  • NEMA Frame Motors and above

  • Fractional to over 10,000 horsepower

  • Synchronous Motors

  • Wound Rotor Motors

  • Vertical Motors

  • Subemersible Pumps

  • MG Sets

  • Armatures

  • DC Traction and Mill Motors

  • Marine Propulsion

  • Hydro and Wind Generators

  • Axial Cooling Fans

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

Mechanical Repair Services

  • EASTSIDE technicians utilize our extensive equipment and technician expertise to provide the most complex mechanical repairs for our customers.

  • Reverse engineering is always an option and is sometimes the best solution for obsolete or long lead time specialty parts for that seasoned and/or time proven equipment.

  • Machine shop services: Metalizing, Hard Surfacing, Welding, Milling, Boring, Turning, Grinding, Engineering, Fabrication, Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing and more...

  • Babbitt Bearing: Centrifugal Spin Casting and Static Pouring.

  • Shaft Manufacturing: Stainless Steel, Specialty Metals, Shaft Hardening.

  • Pumps of all types and Manufactures: Waste Water, Vertical, Horizontal, Slurry, Centrifugal, Positive Displacement.

  • Compressors: Piston and Cylinder Repair, Diaphragm Repair.

  • Gearboxes: Right Angle, Vertical, Planetary.

  • Blowers and Fans

  • Ultrasonic Testing

Equipment Storage and Asset Management Programs

  • On-site equipment storage: We can store your equipment in our indoor, climate controlled warehouse. With 24 hour availability, your equipment will be ready when needed.

  • Motor Management Program: Monthly shaft rotation and electrical testing is provided to ensure that your spares are ready when needed.



We perform virtually every type of electrical and mechanical repair service your operation could need; from winding motors and generators, to re-blading turbines, machining new shaft, rebabbiting bearings, testing high voltage switchgear, and more...